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School Trip to Kawaguchiko

🚌✨ Our school adventure to Lake Kawaguchiko was a day filled with breathtaking moments!

We started our journey by bus, singing songs and creating a lively atmosphere. First stop: Akurayama Sengen Park.

We explored Akura Fuji Sengen Jinja, a serene temple with a view. But 30-minute hike led us to the top, where we could enjoy an amazing view on Mt. Fuji 🗻

Next, we headed to Kawaguchiko Lake. A scenic stroll along the lake allowed us to admire Mt. Fuji and playful ducks.

A cozy break at a local restaurant treated us to delicious curry rice 🍛.

We continued to Fujiyoshida, Kamiyoshida, visiting the 北口本宮冨士浅間神社 temple. This sacred site added a touch of spirituality to our day.

The grand finale? A magical boat ride as the sun set, creating unforgettable memories together. 🚤🌅 Thank you to everyone who joined this amazing trip! 📸

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