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Elegance of the Japanese Tea Ceremony!

Updated: Mar 23

Yamanashi Eiwa High School graciously invited our Intensive Japanese language group to immerse ourselves in the enchanting world of the Japanese tea ceremony.

The Japanese tea ceremony, known as 茶道 (さどう), is a time-honored tradition that embodies grace, harmony, and meticulous attention to detail. It is more than just sipping tea; it is an art form that reflects Japanese aesthetics and cultural values.

During the tea ceremony, every gesture, movement, and utensil holds symbolic significance. From the precise preparation of matcha tea using a bamboo whisk and ceramic tea bowls to the serene atmosphere created by the arrangement of the tatami mats and exquisite tea utensils, every element is thoughtfully orchestrated.

We had the privilege of witnessing this fascinating process firsthand. It was a wonderful experience for our international students as they had the opportunity not only to observe the tea ceremony process, taste peach-shaped sweets and matcha tea itself, but also to make their own tea under the supervision of experts.

We are grateful to Yamanashi Eiwa High School for this extraordinary opportunity and to the tea masters for sharing their expertise. The Japanese tea ceremony truly showcases the essence of Japanese hospitality and provides a window into the refined and elegant world of traditional Japan.

Today our students also had the opportunity to see how a real Japanese school is organized. We could observe math and English lessons, as well as see what the science, music, art, cooking and sewing classes look like, and the school library. We also visited the school's church hall with a large organ and a place for prayer.

We are very grateful to Yamanashi Eiwa High School for such a wonderful opportunity to plunge into the real Japanese everyday life of young people!

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