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「Collage Art」 Tinkering class at EIWA Kindergarten

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

7月14日 we had another fantastic Tinkering class for toddlers in EIWA Kofu Kindergarten with the theme "Contact paper collage." This class was all about developing fine motor skills and exploring materials through touch and sight. The 3-year-old kiddos had a blast creating art in the form of collages with a delightful mix of materials.

In this class, we encourage creativity and provide a fun environment for them to explore, all while learning English words. This time, we played games like "repeat after me" and learned the words "yes" and "no" in English. It's a wonderful opportunity for the little ones to express themselves, have fun, and learn something new in English!

Thank you for inviting us, EIWA Kofu Kindergarten! Can’t wait to see you again! 😝🥰

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