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「Clay Bee」 Tinkering class at EIWA Kindergarten

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

🐝🎨🌍 Tinkering Class for Toddlers and Younger Kids (Art+English) 🌍🎨🐝

We had an amazing time at EIWA Kofu Kindergarten today! Our workshop for children aged 5-6 focused on a combination of art and English learning. Under our guidance, the children created a 2D bee using clay while studying the insect's body parts in English. It was a delightful experience filled with creativity, fine motor skill practice, and language development. 🖌️🐝🗣️

We're grateful to EIWA Kofu Kindergarten for hosting us and to all the enthusiastic children who participated. We truly believe in the power of hands-on activities and integrating art and language for well-rounded growth. Stay tuned for more exciting workshops and activities on our school's Facebook page as we continue to nurture young minds and create memorable learning experiences! 🌟📚

During the workshop, we engage with each child individually and encourage them to share the world of their artwork.

Today, despite the rain, one child expressed rain clouds by mixing black clay into the blue clay. They thoughtfully portrayed the rain clouds and shared their creative idea.

Another child created a piece depicting a bee resting and drinking water in a puddle formed by the rain.

In a delightful explanation, a child shared that even though it's raining, the sun is still shining. They expressed that seeing the sun smiling even in the rain brings joy.

One child created a work featuring a bee alongside Doraemon. As they stretched and pulled the clay with their friends, they spontaneously started singing "Nobita's room is stretching~" and completed the figure of Doraemon. It's amazing how they could create Doraemon using only the clay colors provided.

They are all little artists with big imaginations. 🎨🌟

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