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Featured in NHK NEWS for Tinkering Class with Kids

Our Tinkering class has gained some much-deserved attention lately, and we couldn't be prouder of our teachers. They were recently featured on NHK NEWS on TV, where they showcased a workshop where children made an art picture of a bird from newspaper scraps.

What makes this even more special is that our teachers are refugees from Ukraine who have brought their unique talents and experiences to our school. The workshop they led was held at the Yamanashi Eiwa Carmel Kindergarten, and the children who participated were able to learn new English words related to birds while also exploring their creativity.

During the workshop, the teachers guided the children through the process of making a bird art picture using materials like newspaper scraps and origami paper. The completed pictures were then used to teach the children English words related to birds, like beak and feather.

One of the teachers, a fashion designer named Elizaveta Zvolinska, spoke to NHK NEWS about her experience leading the workshop. She expressed how happy she was to be able to use her artistic talents to help the children and contribute to the local community.

watch full video here:

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