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Japanese cuisine class

Updated: Mar 23


What a wonderful day for 料理教室!

Today, Shinkai Keiko-san visited us and gave a hands-on lesson in preparing traditional Japanese food. During the lesson, she taught us how to make miso soup and onigiri. Shinkai-sensei provided clear explanations and demonstrations, and then we all got the chance to participate in cooking.

While we worked together to prepare the miso soup, each of us crafted our own unique onigiri. It was interesting to see the individual variations in our creations.

After the lesson, we enjoyed the meal we had prepared together and listened to a lecture about lotuses, their origins, and their use in Japanese cuisine.


ありがとうございますto Shinkai Keiko-san for today's fantastic cooking class (料理教室)! It was both enjoyable and informative, and the results were incredibly delicious. It's no wonder, given Shinkai-san professional expertise as a cook.

Here's a sneak peek from today's lesson on how to make onigiri.

For more culinary inspiration and experiences, you can visit the website:

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