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「Hand Puppet」 Tinkering class at EIWA Kindergarten. Kid+Mom

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Our language school recently organized a Puppet workshop at Yamanashieiwagakuin Yamanashi Eiwa Cartmel Kindergarten, offering a fun and interactive experience for younger children and their parents to learn English while creating their unique puppets.

During the workshop, the children and parents worked together to create their puppets using a variety of materials, including felt, glue, and cotton. Our experienced teachers provided step-by-step guidance and instruction, ensuring that everyone was able to create their own special puppet.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for the children and parents to practice their English language skills, with the teachers introducing new English vocabulary related to puppet-making and encouraging everyone to use English throughout the workshop.

The Puppet workshop was a huge success, with children and parents alike thoroughly enjoying the experience of creating their puppets together while also learning English in a fun and engaging setting. Our language school is dedicated to providing unique and enjoyable educational opportunities for our students, and we look forward to organizing similar workshops in the future.

Contact us if you are interested in a similar activity for your child!

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