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We have been collaborating with Ashinaga since summer 2023. We are currently offering language classes to 10 students from Africa as part of the Ashinaga Africa Initiative. Five students at Yamanashi receive private lessons, while the other five who live outside of the prefecture have online lessons supported by Ashinaga with our teachers.

We teach the Japanese language from level zero and help those who already can speak to improve language proficiency, preparing students for admission to higher educational institutions in Japan.

Students have the autonomy to choose their preferred learning format, and we customize programs and lessons to align with their language proficiency, aspirations, and preferences.

As the owner and her sister received support from Ashinaga themselves, we deeply empathize with Ashinaga's children and young adults, aiming to provide meaningful assistance.



We have been collaborating with Yamanashi Gakuin High School since 2022. Japan to study high school undergo intensive Japanese language courses and attend daily group lessons for six consecutive months. Teachers from CLAY go to the high school to prepare students before their academic year starts.


We not only teach the Japanese language but also provide insights into Japanese manners and culture. This ensures students have a clear understanding of how school life in Japan functions, enabling them to study comfortably.



We have been collaborating with Yamanshi EIWA University since April 2024. Our students receive full support in University admissions. We offer private consultations regarding faculty selection, preparation for entrance exams, and interviews. Additionally, students enrolled in the Intensive Japanese language course who have passed the JLPT exam at a level higher than N4 are eligible to attend the 小論文 (shoronbun) course for studying and practicing essay writing according to Japanese standards at no cost.

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