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Cultural Exchange Event 2024

Updated: Mar 3

 文化交流イベント (ぶんか こうりゅう イベント) はとても楽しかったです!

We had a lot of fun watching our students dance, play games with Kanji, and learn TikTok dances!

Everyone looked great and was excited for a day filled with activities.

Bipana-san and Ash Maya-san performing for everyone in traditional Nepalese clothes:

A big congratulations to them, because they won Best Dancer of the event: Bipana-san, Ash Maya-san, and also Avishek-san!  

In the Kanji Games, students were split into five teams and competed for prizes! The final game was very exciting as we tried to find and fix mistakes in Kanji.  

Each team won cool prizes, from useful items to yummy treats.

To finish the event, we had special guests who showed us popular TikTok dances. It was a great way to end a day of sharing our cultures!

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