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Exploring Kyūdō: The Art of Japanese Archery

Today, we had the opportunity to witness the beauty and precision of Kyūdō (弓道), the traditional Japanese art of archery.

One of our teachers practices Kyūdō every week. He invited our Intensive Japanese group to see and try the art of Kyūdō by ourselves. He explained us about the discipline, focus, and grace required in this ancient practice.

Kyūdō is「弓道」. The equipment is as follows:

- The bow (yumi, 弓): A tall bow made of bamboo, crafted with precision to create a sense of elegance.

- The arrows (ya, 矢): Long arrows made of bamboo, with feather fletchings at the end to stabilize their flight.

Before shooting an arrow, the archer must go through a series of precise movements and rituals. It's not just about hitting the target; it's about finding inner calmness and harmony. The archer must focus their mind, control their breathing, and release the arrow with utmost precision and fluidity.

It was an inspiring and enlightening experience that deepened our understanding of Japanese traditions.

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