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Prestige Art University preparation class

Drawing and composition for Fine Art Entrance Exams

Our Prestige Art University Preparation Class is a carefully designed program that offers a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary for excelling in the entrance examinations of top-tier art universities. The program caters to the needs and goals of aspiring artists at different levels, from junior high school students to adult learners. With an emphasis on comprehensive learning, the course offers a robust curriculum that covers all the critical elements of art, including art theory, techniques, history, and practical skills.

What we offer:

Technical Skills Enhancement:

Hone your technical skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, and other mediums. Develop proficiency in fundamental techniques while pushing boundaries to achieve artistic excellence.

Creative Exploration:

Cultivate your creativity and expand your horizons through imaginative exploration. Discover new approaches to artistic expression, fostering innovation and personal growth.

Art Portfolio Development:

Learn how to create a compelling portfolio that showcases your artistic skills, creativity, and conceptual thinking. Explore various mediums and techniques to express your unique artistic voice.

College guidance:

Students will receive guidance and assistance in preparing application documents, expressing their motivations, mastering the art of writing short essays, and effectively coping with interviews.

Portfolio Presentation and Interview Preparation:

Develop your portfolio presentation and artistic vision communication skills. Gain confidence in interviews, effectively communicating your passion and artistic journey to admission committees

Parallel Practice:

​This course pairs ideally with our Intensive Japanese language program. These courses are scheduled to run simultaneously, giving students the chance to develop their skills in both areas.

In a weekly class, students attend group sessions conducted on a regular basis, typically once a week. These classes involve multiple students learning together under the guidance of a teacher. The curriculum is structured and covers a range of topics or skills. Weekly classes offer the benefits of group interaction, shared learning experiences, and a structured learning environment. They are suitable for students who prefer a collaborative learning setting and are comfortable learning alongside peers.

20,000円 (税込)    月4

※ Students are responsible for purchasing their own drawing materials and tools.



Culture and Language Academy of Yamanashi

Monday-Friday: 8:00-19:00

Saturday, Sunday: closed

Address: 400-0016

Takeda 4−1−29, Kofu city, Yamanashi pref., Japan

Phone: 080-1374-1818,  055-255-1100

Fax: 055-255-1103

E-mail: (for inquiries) (for students)   

Your inquiries, questions, requests for our pamphlet, etc. are accepted by e-mail.

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