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Explore, Create, and Learn with us!

Our Tinkering class for toddlers and younger kids offers a collaborative and fun learning experience in English. This exciting program is now available in collaboration with local kindergartens, catering to children aged 3-5 years old.

Inspired by the renowned Reggio Emilia approach, our class values each child as an active participant in their own learning journey. We encourage them to explore, create, and express themselves through a wide range of hands-on activities.

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Our Tinkering class for toddlers and younger kids is a hands-on, sensory-rich experience that encourages exploration, creativity, and self-expression. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, our class values the child as an active participants in their learning and encourages them to collaborate, communicate, and make meaning through their experiences.

Each class is designed to provide opportunities for your child to develop cognitive, language, and artistic skills while being surrounded by an English speaking environment Our experienced and friendly teachers guide your child through a range of activities that involve tinkering with high and low-tech tools, experimenting with materials, and exploring the world around them.

We believe that every child is unique and has their own way of learning and expressing themselves. Our supportive and nurturing environment helps foster their individual growth and development, while also building their confidence and self-esteem.



Preparation time (30-40 minutes)

Before each workshop we need some time to set up tables, prepare materials, and change into uniform


Workshop duration (45-90 minutes)

The duration of each workshop depends on the age of the children and their capability. The main part of the workshop - art creation - can be shortened or prolonged, but the introduction, English learning, and closing parts are always the same.


After each workshop we clean after ourselves, so the room where the workshop was held was the same as when we entered it.



All working materials are provided by our school.

All additional materials such as tables, chairs, whiteboard, and projector (optional) we are asking you to provide.


Children's preparations

Usually children need to prepare nothing, but for the workshops where paint is involved, we would ask you to warn parents that children should wear dark clothes with short or rollable sleeves.



Culture and Language Academy of Yamanashi

Monday-Friday: 8:00-19:00

Saturday, Sunday: closed

Address: 400-0016

Takeda 4−1−29, Kofu city, Yamanashi pref., Japan

Phone: 080-1374-1818,  055-255-1100

Fax: 055-255-1103

E-mail: (for inquiries) (for students)   

Your inquiries, questions, requests for our pamphlet, etc. are accepted by e-mail.

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