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On the beautiful Sunday morning, 5月12日,

Mothers Day, our new students were warmly welcomed at our 入学式 (nyugakushiki) - the entrance ceremony.

Principal of the Academy Tatsuo Imai, along with Tadashi Yoshida, the Principal of Yamanashi Gakuin High School, delivered heartfelt speeches in both Japanese and English, setting the tone for the exciting days ahead.

One of our new students, ボハラヒラ,l gave an entrance speech to her new classmates, shared her thoughts and aspirations about the upcoming journey.

A 2nd-year student, senpai, チャパガイン ビラバ took the stage, extending warm congratulations and heartfelt wishes of good luck and success to the newcomers.

Wrapping up the ceremony, Yoda Reiko sensei presented each student with our comprehensive school guidebook, filled with essential rules, explanations, and invaluable information to navigate their journey at CLAY!

Here's to a promising start, new friendships, and countless adventures ahead! 📚✨

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