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「Patchwork House 」 Tinkering class at EIWA Kindergarten

Hello! Tinkering class at your service!

Today, we had a special lesson called "Patchwork House" in our Tinkering class. The children embraced their inner designers and each crafted their own vibrant houses using the patchwork technique. 🏠🏡

They painted, glued, and decorated the cardboard bases of their houses, resulting in one-of-a-kind designs. Following that, they collaborated in teams to construct streets using these houses. These charming streets were also decorated with flowers, cats, cars, dogs, trees, grass, and even Doraemon!


During this creative adventure, we honed our individual art skills and learned the art of teamwork. Additionally, we picked up some English as we proudly declared, "This is my house" and "This is our street." The day was filled with laughter and enjoyment!

Thank you to EIWA Kofu Kindergarten for hosting us. See you soon! 🙌

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